Fashion Questions and Answers: The Compliment Challenge

This is a challenge from my friend Kathy Friend.

She is a GREAT "wardrobe and gorgeousness" consultant I have known for several years now. In one five minute consultation she opened my eyes to the fact I dress as if I am a pear shape when in reality I am an hourglass! I was 37 years old and never dressed my curves properly. Now I can filter my fabulous high fashion Target clothing purchases through the correct criteria to make me look my best.

As a natural complimenter and encourager, I don't know that I need this challenge myself but the rest of y'all might! Even though we are late...I think she is in day nine now, let's do it! If you blog, blog it, if you tweet, tweet it. Compliment someone every day for thirty days. Here is Kathy's bloggity much great info- ENJOY!

Fashion Questions and Answers: The Compliment Challenge: "Last week on WFRN , I challenged listeners.  The challenge was simple: give a friend a compliment each day. I issued this challenge becaus..."

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