Cloth Diaper Zen

By Heather Curlee Novak

My stress levels have been riding high lately. Just yesterday as I'm changing the baby's diaper my toddler starts whining in frustration over some plaything not cooperating. My shoulders tensed as I tried to react, to determine which issue was more important. Dirty dipe on the baby? Hollering toddler? Since I already had the diaper half off and it didn't sound like my toddler was actually bleeding, I kept my focus on diapering the baby.

I fought the typical urge to rush through it so I could see what my other daughter needed. I decided to enjoy the baby's smiles and pudgy leg kicks instead. I folded the cloth diaper and set it into the elastic diaper cover. I was grateful to protect my daughter's health and help the environment by using water (a renewable resource) to clean and reuse our cloth diapers. I smoothed ointment onto her bum and settled her into the freshly laundered diaper. I felt proud of the work and thought behind buying, preparing, washing and folding her cloth diapers. I smoothed the velcro tabs shut, gave her tummy a zerbert and appreciated how enthusiastic even my husband is about all fun and unfun angles of cloth diapering our young. I appreciated how diapering two girls for under four hundred dollars total payout gave us a lot of money to use in other ways over the years. I snapped up the baby's romper with silly sound effects and kissed her nose, laughing as she grabbed at my face and glasses with both happy hands.

"Diaper the baby to diaper the baby" replaced the simple Zen phrase I read years ago of "Wash the dishes to wash the dishes".

I chose that moment to be unhurried. I chose to stay in the moment without rushing on to the next thing. Diapering the baby just to diaper the baby was a highpoint in a not so grand day. I encourage you to find your zen moments, to choose to be unhurried. Enjoy the small times...they may just be the most special!


liz said...

HOORAY!! I absolutely hear you when you seek those moments of being IN THE MOMENT...being PRESENT...and being MINDFUL of how fleeting they are. I applaud your choice to snuggle and zerbert your lil' cupcake girl. She won't be so swaddly-yummy for much longer!

liz said...

So glad we figured out this comment thingy!

HeatherCurleeNovak said...

Liz...what was the trouble doyathink?