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What can I say about these wonderful folks that hasn't already been said by Meagan Francis or Adam Kellog or the FABU Stephanie Precourt? My words would fall flaccid and ineffective, so please check out their blogs to get even more juice on these special people who humbled me with their powerful words.

June Saavedra,"The Sacrifices Moms Make"
Heather Novak, "Reluctant Motherhood"
Meagan Francis, "Peace Amid The Poop"
Adam Kellogg, "Mom's Favorite"
Lovelyn Palm,"The Motherless"
Suzi Ryan, "While You Were Sleeping"
Kate Pantinas, "Shoes On, A Working Mom's Guilt"
Sharon Stefankiewicz, "Mama's Home Now"
Elizabeth Chatwell, "Motherhood: Is There Any Extra Credit For This?"
Megan Summers, "Things I May Have Forgotten To Tell You"
Patrick Thornton, "Finding The Humor"
Stephanie Precourt (director/producer) "I Can't Wait For Bedtime"

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Listen To Your Mother 2011 was a huge success.

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