Champagne Playgroup or "Yes, You could fail mightily just GO!"

As I am washing up dishes from our playgroup brunch and tossing the champagne bottle into the recycle bin (YUP! We are that kind of playgroup!) I was thinking about the blogs I have read lately and about my own paltry bloglet efforts. Who. Really. Cares?

I doubt if anyone reads my blog. I have several clever friends who blog and though I adore them I don't often read theirs...why would I imagine anyone would read mine? And then the whole rabbit trail of "What do I have to offer that is better than or even the same caliber as someone else already blogging about it?" and of course, "What sweet arrogance makes me think I have something useful enough to offer that I should blog instead of just sending an email to the three people who might care?" and don't forget..."But my blog is free and ugly and the good blogs are so much prettier than mine!" (And I'm sure their writers are thinner, better, richer, smarter, sweeter and have perfect children too...)

All of this healthy negativity got me thinking: I bet I am not the only one pandering to the Not Good Enough monster. In blogging, our work, our parenting, our writing, our music, our poetry, our daily dressing, our email, our relationships...all of these areas and more offer chances for us to doubt ourselves and critique ourselves against an imaginary audience of thinnerbetterrichersmarterprettiercooler.

Who Cares? WHO CARES "WHO CARES"? If I want to post something to encourage anyone who may happen across it, I will. If you want to share your particular shine with others...just do it, just GO! We might not be very good. We might not be. Maybe no one will read the post. Not a single person. Do it anyway. Offer your shine up anyway. And live your love out loud.


Adventures In Babywearing said...

I read! And truth be told, I prefer reading blogs of people that are more like me, real, and not all put together. That's one of my favorite things about the community here- that we found a group to relate with, to feel less alone, to inspire and be inspired. So glad to have found you, that's for sure! You are a treasure, Heather.


Becky said...

You are awesome! I love to read what you have to say. : )

Anonymous said...

Love our champagne playgroup and love the joy you share, and how you are so wonderfully YOU!! Go, Heather!!

HeatherCurleeNovak said...

Steph and Becky...ooh you both are too kind. Isn't it amazing what the smallest compliment can do for one's day? You both made mine!

Jen said...

I read too and am continually amazed at the wonderful thoughts you have. After reading many of your blogs, I wish we could just sit and chat more about the things you've brought to the surface. You are fantastically talented with your writing and your positive outlook. I feel very lucky to have you in my life!