Vent Less, Enjoy Mom-ing More?

After a particularly crummy day in an otherwise awesome existence I found this blog post as I housed a box of cheddar bunnies trying to find some solace. The afternoon had drained me of peace, joy and sanity via shuttling between the whining toddler and the crying super hungry infant. I'd just had a pal over the same morning for a mama vent while our tots terrorized the house so finding this post was most timely. Being a parent is HARD. People say that, but no one can truly understand what that means until you are having one of the HARD days. I have a great help system and know my own limits...and still there are days when I need a time out or it's going to get really ugly at our place. I'm grateful for the wide network of momblogs and friends and for groups like Mothers and More who put us all together to help make the grueling HARD days just a bit fewer and farther between. Enjoy the Happiest Mom site, and SEND ME MORE CHEDDAR BUNNIES!!!!

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