Listen to Your Mother Valparaiso Show

I am in a show called "Listen to Your Mother" about the beauty, beast and barely rested of Motherhood. It happens Saturday May 7th at 7pm here in Valparaiso at the Memorial Opera House. I saw the call for auditions and had a piece called "Reluctant Mamahood" that I auditioned with and was accepted into the show. It wasn't until the audition I realized if they took me on, there would be rehearsals and then later a performance! For someone with a theater background to miss the whole picture proves simply what Motherhood has done to my poor leetle brain.

Ann Imig, the National Director of the shows had this to say on her blog post today:

"LTYM, like motherhood, is about process over product. It is not about polish, but rather about that unfinished, unvarnished, authentic beauty that happens when you make room for something bigger by letting go."

What truth and beauty in one little sentence. All of us are letting go of the pretense we have it all together. We are letting go of fear of rejection. We are letting go of private woes and joys and sharing them that they may be soothed(the former) or multiplied (the latter). I'm so open about my daily tumult it never occurs to me that is risky...that for all of us to be so open so publicly it is truly a dare and a gift at the same time.

I'm THRILLED with Stephanie Precourt for running Valpo LTYM and to Ms. Imig for inspiring me this morning with her post.

THANK YOU to every Mama (and son) participating in these shows! Being a part of this creative process is a gift to ME.


Adventures In Babywearing said...

So glad to have you, so glad this show brought me to you, you to me, and to everyone in our cast.


love said...

oh...a dare and a gift! it certainly is! looking forward to meeting you at rehearsal! =)

Anonymous said...

great show! loved sharing every moment with my own mother from the audience... we cried the whole time