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"Plump With a Purpose"

So I got my “little miracle” and it seems over the next ten months- and it is ten, anyone who says pregnancy lasts nine months is a liar and should be soundly smacked-it seems over the next ten months I will not only grow my own personal mini me, but will add an impressive amount of weight to my already over-upholstered frame. This is apparently common with pregnancy, but as anyone with a brain can realize women do not want to gain weight. Ever. For any reason. No matter how healthy their sense of self may be, weight gain is not a good time. So how do we come to terms with becoming plump with a purpose to deliver a healthy baby?

Gaining weight on my body makes me think of gain elsewhere in our lives. We gain weight in stuff, effort and maintenance through the things we spend time with, buy and value. I gain too much at the grocery store, sadly watching the excess rot away to a squishy mess in the bottom of my crisper. We gain too much clothing with so many options to choose from that our mornings run long and we are late to work. We gain too much in our recreation, spending so much time , money and effort to enjoy ourselves we return from a day’s adventures or our vacations exhausted and needing more time to rest again.

Somewhere there is a balance, a level of (dare I say the hatefully prudish word) moderation that enables each of us to fully enjoy our gains without being overrun and exhausted by them. In the same way that weight gain is unavoidable and necessary in pregnancy, gain in our lives makes them go round and fuels our joy not to mention the economy.

What does enough look like? How can I be sure to gain enough weight without going to the extreme? How do we enjoy the things in our lives without letting them become burdensome and overwhelming? I think sharing is the best place to start. I share my food inviting friends to dinner and I split the ice cream sundae with my husband. I give clothes away to Goodwill if I do not love them and wear them regularly. I try to simplify my daily life, space and desires so I only keep near me what I truly use and love...what makes me healthier, happier, more whole.

As far as the weight on my waistline, I could regurgitate encouraging philosophies from the books I have been scouring for help. I could take the feminist route and berate society’s obsession with thinness and remind myself even models in magazines are airbrushed to look...”better”. I could throw out caring and get good and fat on ice cream sundaes and deep fried pickles and add not shaving for the duration to the mix just for show. Or, I could simply appreciate the entire process, dress to accentuate the positive, and eat healthy food most of the time. I can appreciate the fact that the bigger my belly gets, the smaller my thighs look, and that is not even the best part. After four more months and about twenty pounds, there will be a new someone in our lives I can share these random thoughts with and that will be more than enough for me.

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