GCC Women's Retreat 2005

The Women's Retreat was my first big speaking event for Granger Community Church. I was thrilled to be asked to speak as MC (Master of Ceremonies) for our women's retreat this year. We had so many women attending we did two separate weekends and Carol Kent was our Guest Speaker. Wow, she was great- and very authentic with us as she shared her thoughts and life lessons through faith.

My Ya Yas attended the first weekend with me and it was so encouraging to have them all there-Jenny, Missy, Erica...THANK YOU for your love and support. It was Jenny Arndt who first told me I should speak to and encourage women and this was my first solid opportunity to serve accordingly. Missy keeps me sweet and grounded through her thoughtful conversations and friendship. Erica also believed in me and spent many hours listening to my worst attempts to present and breaking down my true motives to keep pride in check...I am an only child and a Drama Queen after all!

Women's Retreat: Jen, Missy, Moi, Cool Carol, Erica! Posted by Picasa

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