My Grandmother Told Me To WRITE!

My Grandmother thinks I am funny and should write professionally.

I laughed it off as the biased ramblings of a loving Grandma. Now more than three years after her death I find myself published in newspapers for coaching, customer service and management, consulted for studies on body image and writing public radio narratives for daily life humor and education. So maybe Gram was right?

I miss Margaret Lutes. She was my Mom's Mother and I am a lot like her in my quest for knowledge and my love of laughter. This picture is from her memorial service in Sterling Colorado where I was blessed to share my part of her story with her friends and our family gathered.

Gram, I wish you knew I was writing now...I think you would be proud- and I think you would LAUGH!

My Mother's Wonderful People, plus their minister, minus my Grandmother, which is sadly why we are gathered. Posted by Picasa

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